Hannah's Modelling

Hannah first began modelling at 17 years old, being naturally tall she was asked to model for a few local fashion brands and from there was scouted and signed up to a model agency in London. Since then Hannah has gone on to do commercial work, catwalks, fitness and fashion shoots across the UK.

Over the years Hannah has also worked with various equestrian brands and modelled alongside Little Alf! She was a brand Ambassador for ‘Tottie’ Equestrian clothing for a year and even wrote a monthly blog for the brand brining two of her passions together.

Today Hannah can often be found modelling with local brands in Yorkshire, sometimes alongside Little Alf and has recently worked in London on a fashion shoot, she is a big believer in body confidence and body-positive campaigns about you becoming confident in your own skin.

‘In Today’s society with social media you can soon find yourself looking at models and unrealistic images online which can be a struggle, hopefully through my work I can help show my followers and Little Alf followers that you are perfect just the way you are! It’s so easy to compare yourself to others but everyone is on their own journey,’ – Hannah Russell



Modelling Portfolio