The Travel Girl  - NEW BOOK

The Travel Girl - NEW BOOK


11 July 2020


Coming soon

The Travel Girl Available soon

Finally, I am able to say that my new book ‘The Travel girl’ will be launched next month in August 2020. Date still to be announced, I can’t wait to see a published copy in my hands and I’m so excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on the story. 

The book is currently having the final checks and been sent to the printed and assigned its ISBN code ready for the publication. 

I initially wanted to launch the book in May 2020 but due to Covid-19, had to delay the launch, I’d initially planned a launch party at my shop and had a few ideas for the party. But after going into lockdown and my publishers closing for a few months the book had to be put on hold. 

It actually gave me chance to re-read the story and make a few changes so fingers crossed it’s the best it can be.

The book is aimed at young adults and is about a girl called Felicity Hartford, who struggles with day to day life, she has one dream to travel the world one day, but she can’t seem to work out how she will do that. Until she figures out a plan…

From mascara running down her cheeks to getting her skirt stuck in her knickers her life is one big rollercoaster full of emotion and giggles.

The pre orders will be available over the next few weeks once a few things have been confirmed. 

I first had the idea for the book when I was actually 17 years old and wrote it when I was 17 one summer, I’ve always loved travelling myself and been lucky enough to travel with my family over the years. There was certainly a stage of my life where all I wanted to do was travel and see new things and explore so writing the book has been a fun experience, writing the book being a teenage I feel I’ve really captured some of the emotions you go through when you are young, I had a giggle to myself re writing the book because how I portrayed Felicity in the story was sometimes my own thoughts and disasters. There is a few incidents where she is trying to figure life out for herself and where she fits in with everything and I think we all go through that, I’ve never been a huge fan off makeup or knowing how to style myself until I got a bit older so in my teenage years I often had fashion disasters and makeup running down my cheek after I sneaked in to my mum’s room to use her makeup! (Sorry Mum) I’ve certainly learnt now at 23 years old about how important it is to be yourself, why fit in when you where born to stand out?

Stay tuned for this girl’s adventure and her bid to travel the world…

Han X 

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