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06 July 2020

Little Alf

Busy writing during lockdown...

Hey Everyone

How are we all doing? Hasn’t the past 3 months been one whirlwind during lockdown, it’s given me the chance to get caught up on a few projects I’ve been meaning to catch up on for months. Lockdown certainly gave me the chance to reflect on how far me and my brands have grown over the years, from charity work, to new business it’s been a fun adventure and lots more on the way. 

I’ve been writing 3 books during lockdown which I am looking forward to publishing later this year…

‘Bumble the Bunny’ a book based on my Bunny Bumble, Bumble is a rescue Bunny and came to live with me a few months ago, he was really struggling to find a home due to his allergies and issues, he was from the adoption for pets centre near where I live in the Yorkshire Dales, I went along one day and couldn’t say no, he is totally adorable and just such a bundle of fun, I’ve learnt so much from him and so much about bunny’s. I’ve always had bunny rabbits, and a few years ago lost my lop-eared bunny called ‘Malibu’ I was heartbroken and still think about him a lot, although animals never replace animals, Bumble has filled a gap in my heart I didn’t really know was there. His book is a fictional story about a bunny who finds his forever home, it contains lots of mischief and fun and is about him settling into his new life. Getting rescue pets is never easy they can come with complications and issues but with a little bit of extra love and care they have so much love to give…. Bumble has taken a special liking to Alf and they are often sat in the field together munching the grass.


‘Russell Rhino’ another new book I’ve been working on, some of you will know I have a huge love for Rhinos, I actually own a t-shirt/ clothing brand called ‘Russell the Rhino’ I’m sat in a Russell Rhino t-shirt now actually as I’m typing up this article. The book is about a Rhino orphan who makes a special bond with a girl called Lola, it’s set at a sanctuary in south Africa.


Finally, I’ve been working on the next Little Alf book and still have yet to reveal the name of the book, Little Alf’s books will always be my favourite to write about, he is my inspiration! This one is the next fictional story to his children’s series. 

I currently have notes all over, I’ve been decorating my office at home so it’s all a bit messy but it won’t be long until the book is being sent to the printers, or books should I say, it’s going to be a busy autumn…

During my writing breaks I love to go sit with the animals in the field I find it so relaxing.

Han x

Best selling author & Business woman


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