over £20,000 raised for Australia wild fires

over £20,000 raised for Australia wild fires


23 January 2020


Project Australia and raising funds for charity

Project Australia and raising funds for charity 

What started from a small idea has rapidly grown in to an amazing project, over a two weeks ago I was sat in my bedroom watching the ongoing emerging images of the horrendous wild fires in Australia, feeling very helpless being in the UK and wondering ways I could get involved. 

I’d thought of doing a charity event, runs a bake sale but knew it wouldn’t make enough of an impact to help and was looking for something to be a quick turn around with raising awareness. 

Just over a week ago I started to think about my business resources who I knew in the industry and what I could do, I have Russell Rhino which some of you will be aware of is an international clothing company dedicated to Helping Rhinos, with 100% of the profits going to charity. 

I thought I could do something very similar for Australia and set about designing a couple of designs using my resources. 

On the Sunday I was in my room and decided to upload the designs on to a third party site I work with and posted about it on social media. I’m so lucky to have built up a platform over the past few years with my books and charity work. Within 24 hours of launching the designs it had taken social media by storm and I had raised £2,000 which I was over the moon with. I continued to sell the designs, and wrote out to my press contacts on the Monday/ Tuesday and started to see my articles in the news, I secured a couple of Radio interviews and asked some high profiled friends to share on there channels. Within 4 days I’d raised £10,000 and knew I had to continue, I love charity work and the fact that I can make just a small difference makes me so happy. Now over a week later I have now raised near £25,000 for Australia animal charities. 100% of the funds will be going to charity and I will be announcing soon which charities the funds will be going and how they have helped.

A lot of people have got in touch and spoke about how amazing it is what I have done and I am continuing to do, I think if anyone has a social media platform or a way to help others than they should, social media is a scary word there is so many people out there who promote the wrong image or people look up to and want to be like it - it’s effecting metal health. It's so easy to get wrapped up in what a perfect life looks like, a perfect eating plan, travel destinations, house goals, body goals and the rest, when really reality can be very different. 

I work with a few schools and it’s sad to see how much they want to be like someone else when they are fine just the way they are.

What inspired me to get involved was I’ve always said someone has to be the voice for the animals, I knew of a way to help so I did. I'm an avid animal lover and have 16 pets myself, not only that I have a small network of fans in Australia who have kept me updated with the events and it's awful to hear about there experience. 

We can’t help everyone or everything but everyone can help someone - even smiling at someone and saying hello can make a huge difference to someones day. In this case I knew of a way to help the wildlife through my current resources in day to day life in a world where you can be anything be kind to one another, animals and species included as the one thing we have in common is the planet. 

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Hannah Russell Designs - Hannah Russell is one of Britains young entrepreneurs, her mission is to create fun designs which fund charitable animal causes. Hannah is currently fundraising for the wildfires in Australia.

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