January 2020

January 2020


02 January 2020

Quirky Cows

New Goals and expansion

January 2020 New Year

 It’s 2020! Happy New year everyone. The start of a new decade, how scary, it really does feel like forever ago since I started my business journey – 6 years ago this year. (Screams!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break, the offices where back open for us on the 28th until new year so we’ve had a busy time of it and today has been almost back to normal but my main shop ‘Russell Home interiors and gifts’ isn’t back open until this Saturday 4th January, as we wanted to get fully caught up before starting back again. It is important to take time for yourself and I’ve been doing so much 2020 planning, it’s going to be an exciting year for my business.

I have a few challenged planned with charities, new books being released, projects and campaigns I’m going to be working on, speakers events, award evenings, social events and of course my shop to run as well as social media and online orders – it’s going to be busy. Online I am planning to do more business related posts as well as the Little Alf ones, I’ve realized that Little Alf’s followers are now switching over to my other business and supporting them as well as following my own social media so it will be nice to including everything on one page.

New for 2020…

  1. I’ve been working on a collection of home ware designs which I will be introducing soon to my Russell Home interiors shop, this includes Kitchen ware and home furnishings.
  2. New books – you probably knew that one as I talk about it all the time but never seem to release any! Book 2020 is the year for new material.
  3. Russell Rhino new Rhino collection – I’ve been looking in to more organic products to add to the range.
  4. New Wildlife designs, I can’t stop designing and have had some new ideas for deigns so these will be coming out later this year.
  5. Charity work – Further charity work! 100% going to be my biggest year get working with Helping Rhinos and the Brooke charity I have a lot in the panning.
  6. Potential new business – Yes I know I already do a lot but it feels right and you have to go with your gut right?

& so much more is in the pipe line! Keep posted via my social accounts or website for all the updates and don’t forget to set your own goals for 2020.

Han X