Ernie & Bertie

Ernie & Bertie


19 September 2019

Little Alf

New Family members

New arrivals 

Everyone meet Ernie and Bertie the new pigs to the family! These two are the newest members to the family, they where looking for a loving home after been handed in to pets at home Catterick and I couldn’t resist. I love guinea pigs they are great and friendly and squeak at me whenever they are hungry and want attention.

I’ve had guinea pigs for years now and in May 2019 I got Nico and Joey who often feature on my instagram and facebook page, Nico even has his own instagram account which you can follow online. 

Ernie and Bertie where from the ‘support adoption for pets’ scheme within pets at home, I’ve re-homed quite a few pets now from now from support adoption for pets - Timmy the guinea pig, Ernie and Bertie the guinea pigs, Joey the guinea pig, Bumble the bunny, Muffles the rabbit, and twinkle the hamster! I love my furry friends and I get so much pleasure from giving a rescue pet a new home. 

Not all of the pets from support adoption for pets are rescue animals, some have been sadly neglected but others have previously had loving homes and their owners have no longer been able to look after them. Ernie and Bertie are rather friendly so I imagine there previous home was very caring they stand up on the bars and wait for cucumber every morning they’ve been rather noisy since they joined my family but they are getting on really well with Nico and Joey so hopefully one day they will all live together. 

Find out more about support adoption for pets here -


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