Finishing the Great North Run

Finishing the Great North Run


09 September 2019

Little Alf

Crossing the finish line

Sitting at home with the kettle boiling and my medal from yesterday hung up in the window the buzz and atmosphere of yesterday is finally beginning to sink in, I never imagined one day been able to run a half marathon but loved every step of the way.

I’ve been training for the great north run for a few months around the hills in the Yorkshire Dales, I remember when I first went for a run on the road and was completely out of breath but it was all about building it up and slowly but surely I got fitter and could run for longer, yesterday all the practice was put in to place and it was a proud moment as I crossed the finish line.

I ran for the Brooke charity, action for working horses, donkeys and mules as their youth ambassador, I’ve recently been out to east Africa to see their work in action and every mile I got to I thought about the working horses and donkeys.

The atmosphere of the great north run really carried me through the race, the public watching at the sides were shouting your name from the front of your badge and spurring you on it really was a great experience.

As I got to mile 10 there was just 3 left to go, I’d been pacing myself throughout the race so picked up the pace until I got over the finish line which was a relief and my mum was cheering on from the side lines which was lovely.

I completed the race in 2 hours 30 minutes which I was very proud of and have raised over £500 for the Brooke charity which is brilliant. I’ve already signed up for the 2020 great north run and will be looking to cut down my time slightly.

It was nice to get back home last night and see all the animals, although Alf wasn’t there I knew he would be cheering me on from back home. This morning he was trying to chase me around the fields which wasn’t ideal as my legs are a bit sore today!

A huge thank you to everyone's donations & support X

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