Final countdown until the great north run

Final countdown until the great north run


03 September 2019


It's the final count down

Ahhh I can’t believe I’ll be taking part in the great north run this weekend I am so exited to be at the start line and be in amongst the buzz of the event! I started training over summer there has been many ups and downs and that wasn’t just the hills here in the Yorkshire Dales, I’ve really loved training for the great north run and found something I love in running, setting challenges, monitoring miles, tracking your route and working on your time is all good fun, you get a real sense of achievement. 

Running was something I thought I would never be able to do after finding out I had two cracked discs in my lower back and fractured vertebras but here I am 5 years later clocking up 10 miles and more. I might not be the fastest and I do tend to stop and start my way around routes but I’m there running and feel so much better after - some days I find it a real struggle and others an absolute breeze I think it all depends on the weather and how you feel in yourself!

Over the past week my mind set has been really focuses and I have been running some of my fastest times yet. This 2019 I have really got in to fitness it’s great to boost your mentality and focus on goals. Not only that it can be a great social activity also!

On Sunday I’ll be running for the Brooke charity Action for working horses, donkeys and mules, being Brooke’s youth ambassador I am delighted to be highlighting there work even further and running for them. I’ve recently got back from Kenya after seeing Brooke East Africa’s work in action which was an unbelievable experience and the opportunity of a lifetime. Seeing there work in action it was amazing to see the impact they make to the families.

Visit my Just giving page here to donate to Brooke -

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