Great Yorkshire Show 2019

Great Yorkshire Show 2019


11 July 2019

Little Alf

A great few days...

Ahh it’s nice to be back home after a hectic two days at the Great Yorkshire show 2019, I’m actually on the way down to London today for a few meetings but I’ve just been at harrogate for a couple of days book signing, linking up with the media and to help my mum with her stand at the event. It’s been a lovely time and great to catch up with Julian from the Yorkshire Vet and Hannah Jackson also known at the Red shepherdess. 

Thank you to everyone who came along and got there books signed it’s always nice to meet Little Alf’s fans and of course meet new fans! I’ve always enjoyed the Great Yorkshire show there is so much to look at, lots of food to taste and Yorkshire produce to look around. I got some homemade spring rolls yesterdays and they smelt and tasted just amazing. I also stopped by my supporters Brymor ice cream and had a couple of scoops of salted caramel which kept me going for the rest of the day!

I remember when I attended the great Yorkshire show a in 2015, I’d just had my first couple of books published and was using the event to market the books, crazy how time flies and how much every think has grown since then. 


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