Photoshoot in the sunshine..

Photoshoot in the sunshine..


04 July 2019


Working on a special project...

Last Friday me and Alfie had a wonderful day with Equestrian photographer Esther Marie who has recently won an award for her talented photography skills. I met Esther at the Horse of the year show in 2018 and we hit it off over the four days, after Hoys we stayed in touch and have been talking about a photoshoot with Little Alf ever since. I love Esthers work and how she captures the connections between horse and owner through her lense, I’ve been really excited to work together. We scheduled a few photoshoot over the past few months but the weather kept letting us down up until last week when we had glorious sunshine! 

We had a great day taking images with Alfie and myself across the Dales, we even both wore a garland of sunflowers in the sun which was lovely, I love sunflowers so it was really special, 

The images are going to be used for a campaign we are working on together so I am excited about that going forward…! Stayed tuned for the big reveal... 

Find out more about Esther Marie Photography here -

Hannah & Alf xox 

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