Donating books

Donating books


09 May 2019

Little Alf

Visiting my old primary school

This week I headed back to my old primary school in North Yorkshire, Spennithorne primary school, it’s always nice to visit and see how much has changed since I attended. I visited a few weeks back to open up their new library and promised I would bring along some books for the students to have in the library and read in there spare time.

On Tuesday I dropped of 100+ books to the school which consisted of the collection of Little Alf books, it was lovely to chat to the students and the teachers and hear that my books where already a well received book and some of the students had read them which was really lovely to hear.

It only seems like yesterday since I actually attended the school and never imagined one day that I would be an author going back in to talk to the students!

Sue Ramsay who can be found in the office and around the school was there when I attended and said - It’s always a pleasure to have Hannah back, her books are read by many of the students. We are really grateful that Hannah supports the school and has donated the books, I know the students will really appreciate it.

I’m really happy that the school has taken the books on, it’s so nice to go back. Talking about books I am currently working on the next Little Alf adventure book in the office which is going to be released later this year… 

Find out more about Little Alf’s books page his website page here -

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Hannah & Alf x 

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