Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend


23 April 2019


Little Alf's meet & Greet / Sunshine

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s back to work for me today and Alfie but I know a lot of the UK is still on school break, whatever your doing I hope your enjoying your time away from school, university & college! And for those of you who have gone back I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of you on Good Friday at Middleham open stables which was so lovely, thank you so everyone who travelled to see us it was really nice to meet you all. I always love meeting Alfie’s fan and hearing about what you thought of the books. Equally its lovely meeting new fans who haven’t heard of Little Alf before. 

It was a very hot weekend over easter and was 25 degrees on the Meet and greet day which made Alfie very lazy, he was quite happy to stand and chill in the sun while munching his hay. He was on his best behaviour, I was really proud of how he behaved with everyone and how quiet he was for the day. 

For me and Alfie it was a record breaking day, we sold out of books in under two hours which was an absolute record for us, I can’t believe how far we’ve come over the last few years and how much has changed. His following on social media is rising every weekend, the shop is hitting new records, people are continuing to support us on our journey and we are continuing to link up with new business and charities to support each other. I’ll never forgot when I did my first book signing and under 50 people turned up, I was over the moon, now 4 years later we are having over 400 people turn up to meet Alfie. 

Due to Friday been so hectic when we got home it was a quick brush and turn out to the field for Alfie and a cuppa t for me, Alfie enjoyed his weekend in the sunshine in the paddock and I enjoyed pottering around the fields with the ponies.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working on book number 9 & 10 which was be released very soon… 

Thank you for everyones support

Hannah & Alf xox 

Picture - Hannah & Alfie enjoying the sunshine on bank holiday weekend.