Rhinos Road to Recovery

Rhinos Road to Recovery


11 April 2019


A trip to London

Last week I had an eventful trip down to London on behalf of my Russell Rhino company. Since merging my personal website and Little Alf’s I have started to share more of my business news across my social media platforms, it’s had a great response so far and it’s nice to share everything I’m up to, but of course I’ll be keeping it mainly writing and Little Alf themed. 

The sun was shining last Thursday as I headed down to London, I always hate leaving my pets but was very excited about the event, my dad came along with me as he had the same love for conservation animals as me and I wanted to take him along so he could find out more about my work.

The event was ‘Rhinos Road to Recovery’ at the national geographical centre, an event hosted by ‘Helping Rhinos’ the charity, with motivational and inspiration speakers, talks from the founders and and so much more. I was down representing Russell Rhino and talking all about the brand, it was a fantastic networking event and I made lots of contacts. I also had a large stand selling Russell Rhino t-shirts to the public which got a great response.

I had the pleasure of meeting James Mwenda who was ‘Sudans’ care taker until he passed away last year, he is now the care taker of the last two northern white rhinos in the world, his speech was incredible very inspiring and great to hear all about his work. I also met Patrick Ayree who is a wildlife Tv presenter, Patrick talked all about his work with large animals, rhinos and more he was also very inspiring and it was great to hear all about his life journey and work with Rhinos. 

On the night there was over 500 members of the public attended so it was really busy, it was great to see so many people wanting to help rhinos and we can only hope the future of Rhinos is positive, if everyone did something to help the planet maybe the world would be a better place… 

To tell you a little bit more about Russell Rhino I founded the company in January 2018 with one mission to help rhinos by trying to raise awareness and vital funds. Since last year the company has expanded to more clothing such as hoodies, bags, travel mugs and more. The collection has grown hugely. All our clothing is ethically made and we ship worldwide. The response has been huge and I hope to keep raising the business profile this year to help rhinos. 100% of all Russell Rhino profits goes to Helping Rhinos.  You can visit the website here - don’t forget to check us out on social media as well. 

Hannah X 

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