Linking up with mum to raise funds

Linking up with mum to raise funds


23 March 2019

Quirky Cows

Raising funds for the Brooke Charity

For those of you who don’t know much about my Mum ‘Sharron Russell’ she is the very talented artist behind the brand ‘Quirky Cows’ a business which was set up and created in 2017 after my mum re discovered her love for painting. Mum (Sharron) has always been very arty, she was brilliant at helping me and my brother put things together for school when we where at primary and always had an eye for making things look right and creative. 

Now me and my brother have grown up and gone on our own business journeys mum found the time to do something she loved and began painting quirky farm yard animals specifically cows. The brand soon grew and people love her artwork all over the world, her range has also grown in to kitchen products such as chopping boards, mugs, coasters, placemats and more.

This 2019 we decided to work together and link up to create a piece of art including Little Alf which will be auctioned off at the end of the year with 100% of the proceeds going to the Brooke Charity. 

Mum has been working her magic over the last few weeks and has create a stunning piece of art with Little Alf and the 3 donkeys, the piece has been titled ‘Little Alf and the Brooke brothers’ I absolutely love it, she has really captured Little Alf’s cheeky personality. I already work with mum every day as I am also director of ‘Quirky Cows’ so working together has been a dream!

Mum said ‘I loved creating Alf, I’m so use to seeing him in the field with Hannah playing it was nice to finally paint him! He’s always got scruffy hair so I wanted to make him as quirky as possible’

There will also be a large merchandise range released including chopping boards, travel mugs and 10oz mugs which will be available to purchase next month. 

This 2019 since I’m ambassador for the Brooke charity It’s my mission to help raise as much awareness and funds as possible. I’m really dedicated to helping something I really believe in.

Brooke is a United Kingdom-based international equine charity, which focuses on the welfare and care of donkeys, horses and mules. With more than 900 people working helping to deliver services, Brooke is the largest equine charity in the world.