A sprinkle of snow

A sprinkle of snow


01 February 2019

Little Alf

-8 and sunshine

A sprinkle of snow,

Throwing back the curtains this morning at 7:00am I expected more snow than what we had on the ground due to the weather warnings all week, I was quite relieved when we just had a sprinkle as it’s so much easier to do things with not much snow! - Saying that I do love a snow day at home with the horses the fire lit inside and a mug of hot chocolate. 

Over the past few nights it’s been -8 which is far to cold for me and has been freezing all the horses water buckets, I learnt a trick a few years ago to put an apple in the horses water to stop it freezing completely and then you can remove the apple in the morning and deice the water better. I personally think it works but on other horsey forums some people don’t support the idea. If you’ve got any winter tricks then write in and let us know we can share them on our posts!

Although it’s cold outside the sun has still be shining and the horses are enjoying themselves in the field, me and Alfie have a photoshoot coming up this month for a special project which is exciting and next month we have a whole team of camera’s coming to the house for an on going project which is been released later this year… 

Other than that things have been quieter in the office over January but it’s been nice to spend some time writing and reflecting on what I want to achieve this 2019, I am planning to release Little Alf’s 10th book along with a Little Alf party at the end of the year and a whole line of new merchandise so been thinking about that a lot. I’ve also been focusing on writing and new shop products.

The Little Alf shop opens again this month on Tuesday the 12th as normal, I’m actually really excited to get back in the shop and welcome new fans, this weekend I’m hoping to take Alf for a walk up the street if it’s not to icy and take some pictures for Social media, I also love spending Sundays with the horses and a cup of tea in my hand. 

Have a great weekend,

Hannah & Alf xx 

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