2019 with Little Alf

2019 with Little Alf


09 January 2019


New Year New ideas!

2019 with Little Alf

Happy New year everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the 9th January, saying Happy new year seems a bit late now but it’s taken me and Alf a few days to get sorted in the office after Christmas and New year.

Little Alf got so many presents this Christmas from fans, myself and friends he was really spoilt rotten, he got lots of pony treats which he will get in small quantities! Large doses of sugary horse treats could potentially give him stomach ache – Lucikly he has four horsey friends to share his presents with.

Before Christmas Little Alf took part in a meet and greet Cinderella performance which was great fun, over 200 people came to see him and take pictures which was really lovely and a great way to end our 2018 year.

Yesterday I went along to the Little Alf shop in Leyburn Market town and collected Little Alf’s fan mail, since the shops been closed for two weeks there was a huge pile with mail from the USA, UK and Germany which was amazing. It’s taken us a few days to sort through the mail but we are beginning to reply this week to all those who have remembered to put return address on the letters, since Little Alf’s memoir was released in Germany last year he’s grown a whole new audience of fans and I’ve been enjoying attempting to learn German which the help of the English to German translator online.

2019 is an exciting year for me and Little Alf, we’ve got so many plans for new merchandise, new stockists, meet and greet days and of course more Little Alf books.

Later in the year I am hoping to release Little Alf’s 10th book and have a ‘Book party’ but we will just have to see what happens. I never actually thought one day I would have 10 books published on little Alf….

As much as this year is really exciting and I have lots of new things planned, me and Alf will also be having a few days of each month due to last year been so hectic and busy, I love spending time with all the animals. It’s really important when you work to have time of and enjoy life!

Today I’m back in the office working on my next book and Alfie is teasing all the big horses in the field – he’s always causing chaos.