Happy New Year

Happy New Year


03 January 2019


2019 with Little Alf

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone, I can't believe it's already 2019. Christmas has flown by and we are back in the writing room today with lots of fresh ideas for the months ahead. Thank you to everyone who has sent Little Alf fan mail over Christmas I'll be replying to you all this week and to everyone who has sent us emails online we are getting through them today. I love recieving fan mail and hearing your thoughts on the books it always makes us smile.

I'm currently sat watching Alfie from the field he's very dirty at the moment so I'll be heading out this afternoon to give him a must needed brush. Paddy by gypsy cob also has a huge knot in his mane so I'll have to tackle that also which I'm not looking forward to.

Bumble my office bunny is currently sat by the fire in my office he's very cute and keeps wandering over to his 'biscuit' cupboard in hope I'll give him another treat. 

For 2019 me and Little Alf have lots planned with a huge announcement happening in the next few week, new books planned, school talks, events and so much more. I'm also hoping to organise a 'Little Alf party' last this 2019 when Little Alf's 10th book is released. 

This week I'm having an easy week planning the diary, spending time with the horses and starting on some new manuscripts...

Happy January everyone!

Hannah & Little Alf X