December with Little Alf

December with Little Alf


11 December 2018


Christmas is fast approaching...

December with Little Alf 

It’s December, I absolutely love Christmas with Little Alf, it’s always a special time of the year as Little Alf came to live with me on the 24th December - Christmas Eve in 2012, which feels like a lifetime ago now but I’ll never forget sneaking him in past my parents and hiding him in the stable. The guilt got too much for me in the end and on Christmas morning I did the ‘big reveal’ very luckily they fell in love with him just like I had and the past few years with Little Alf have been one wonderful adventure. 

This year has been partially special, been ambassador for the Brooke Charity and raising funds has been great fun, not only that but having Little Alf’s memoir published in German has been a real highlight and releasing his 8th book has been exciting. I’m not sure what 2019 will bring but I can’t wait for the year ahead. 

On Sunday I found some time to put the Christmas tree up, inside the house, unfortunately I didn’t let Little Alf help this year as last year he wanted to bite all the baubles which my mum wasn’t very impressed with! Not only that but the weather in the Yorkshire Dales has been horrendous over the past week making the fields turn to mush and Little Alf be very dirty, so I didn’t want to get mud all over the house like I have done in the past…. There is still a faded brown patch on the carpet in the kitchen when Alfie decided to roll… (Whoops) 

Christmas is exciting for Alfie this year as on the 21st December he is going to be making a Guest appearance at the ‘Cinderella’ pantomime in Leyburn, initially the production team wanted Alfie to be part of the cast but I had to decline. Knowing what disruption Alfie can cause I didn’t think it was a very good idea, so we have agreed to go along and do a guest appearance and sign some books instead which will be fun and great to see the Cinderella cast. Most of the tickets have already sold out but there is a few remaining if you wanted to meet Alfie! (Find out more via his website) 

Talking of Christmas I have no idea what to get Alfie for Christmas this year! He has so many toys, treat balls and other bits it’s getting harder to know what he would like. He’s already started receiving presents from fans which is really lovely. I have been thinking of getting him a new ‘horse lick’ for his stable door but we will have to see what Santa brings… 

With the countdown for Christmas on, I and Alfie will be spending the new few weeks fulfilling online orders, keeping our stockists stocked up and managing the shop. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for us but we manage to get through with lots of carrots and of course Yorkshire Tea.