Horses winter coat!

Horses winter coat!


06 October 2015

Little Alf

Little Alf's Woolly coat!

Autumn is here and Little Alf is getting extra woolly for the winter months!! (Although this does make him extra cute and cuddly! Fact : Did you know that horses grow there coat as the days get shorter and not as the weather gets colder? I certainly didn't know, I thought the weather was beginning to get cold so that is why he was beginning to sprout his woolly hair! but in fact it's because the days are getting shorter! How cool is that? But how come when it is cold Alfie suddenly appears fluffier over night? sometimes he looks so fluffy I think some one's given him a bath over night! Well actually this is because when it is cold and your horses coat does appear fuller, this is your horses way of creating insulation for himself! The hair lifts up and traps the warm air against his skin! Pretty clever if you ask me! Luckily for Alfie he has a warm stable to go in to on a night through the winter months! I often can't get him out of bed in a morning, he can be so lazy sometimes and even begins to whinny if I haven't gone him in by 5pm!