Little Alf and the Christmas wish

Little Alf and the Christmas wish


22 September 2015

Little Alf

Little Alf and the Christmas wish is now available to purchase online!


Its finally here, with just 93 days to go until Christmas our sequel has been released!

The book is £6.99 and available to purchase on the website, it is also available in various book stores, agricultural stores and shops across the UK! - You can always ask in your local book shop! Usually book shops will get the book in for you, so don't hesitate to ask your local the store! Why did I write a Christmas sequel? Well firstly I love CHRISTMAS and winter, the cold crisp mornings walking down the fields with a mug of  hot chocolate! I think Christmas is something almost everyone loves and the magic that comes with it! Also Alfie is super fluffy in winter he looks like a bear! so the photos through out are all fluffy Alfie pics! Who is the book aimed at? The Christmas book involves magic, the Christmas market, ice skating... decorating the tree and many magical moments that you associate to Christmas, the book is aimed at ages 6-12 years old, although like all of our other Little Alf books, we often find younger children and older reading! Its lovely to think I have made an all round children's book! What is the story about? Well that would be telling.... there has been a snippet of the book on the website for a few months but here it is again... '' The sky was a velvet blue and the moon was beginning to shine, but then she saw something way off in the distance.. there was something moving very gracefully across the sky, she tilted her head and glanced at the object. It was moving quickly but elegantly and almost bouncing up and down. It definitely wasn’t an aeroplane as it was flying to low… – Little Alf - The Magic Helper'' * The Christmas Sequel isn't the 3rd book! so Although the story does incorporate Little Alf it isn't the follow on from book 1 & 2... the 3rd book will be released in 2016! Who designed the cover?   The cover was illustrated by a lovely lady called Helen braid! here is her website -   What was the hardest part of writing the book? The hardest part was probably finishing the story, I knew how it wanted to finish and exactly what I wanted to write but I didn't want to finish the book! I love writing and felt this book could have gone on forever and ever! as mentioned earlier I am a Christmas LOVER! It could have gone on for years, but I thought I best end it some were! Also my spelling! I am terrible at spelling - it has never been my strong point! so I had to double check it and check it again, and then send it to be proof read!

    Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

You can never have too much magic in a story... After all you have to Believe in Magic to find it....

I also feel with the Christmas book that I have really developed with my creative writing, Christmas allows you to been very magically so the topic I personally think really helped my skills and to become a better writer!

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Hmmm.. Through out all my books I hope that readers can relate to the young girl in the story, especially the Equestrians out there, and those involved in horses... I always use the Quote 'Believe in magic and you will find it'  I think this is my main message for readers...

Also if people know me myself they know I wasn't academically great at spelling as mentioned earlier and I think that if people tell you can't do something and you can't do that as a career because your not good enough, prove them wrong if it is something you want to do go for it, and 'Believe!''

Do you have to travel much concerning your books?

100% whether it is to a meeting, book reading or  book signing I have to travel to all of these, I've travel quite a lot this year so far and have a few events coming up which I am really looking forward to!!

Any message to your readers?

I Love your reviews and comments on my social media it makes work that little bit more special to know how you have impacted lives and made someone's week special! keep commenting and reviewing! Little Alf the Magic Helper.. By Hannah Russell!  

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