Little Alf Teddy Competition!

Little Alf Teddy Competition!


13 August 2015

Little Alf

 The Little Alf Teddy competition runs each year with the chance to win big prizes every December! What you have to do... 1. Purchase your Little Alf bear online from - - Shop page 2. wait for him to make his Journey to you and arrive in the post! 3. Take a photo of your Little Alf Teddy in an unusual or Exciting places! - Take him on holiday or with you for a family day out! 4. Upload your photo to the website on 'competition page' or upload him to your Social media sites and #LittleAlfTeddy Then every December the photos which have been uploaded will be voted on by the public! If you have the most votes you have the chance to win ... A set of all 3 signed books, The Little Alf jumpers, T-shirt, sweets, beanie, bag and other exciting products.....

can you give a Little Alf teddy a loving home?

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