Planning a 2018 tour & book signing...

Planning a 2018 tour & book signing...


16 January 2018


Meet & Greets, book signings and more!

Planning a 2018 tour and book signing!

On social media this week I announced I would be looking at putting on a 2018 tour/ book signing and the response was amazing. I love hearing all your thoughts and receiving your messages it means the world to me and Alfie! So I think it would be great to meet some of you across the UK! 

I aksed for you to write in your locations of where you would want to meet us and It was nice to see such a range across the UK - If you have any suggestions then just pop us a message.

Unfortunatley Little Alf won't be able to attend any locations which are over an hours drive from us here in the Yorkshire Dales but we will be looking to do a couple of meet & greet's with Little Alf this year at a designated location - so keep posted for more information!

I'll be posting online very soon about where you will be able to find us this year but for now stay tuned...!

Bye for now,

Hannah & Little Alf x