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Shows so far...


28 July 2015

Little Alf

This year Hannah and Little Alf have begun there first Tour across the UK!


Visiting Agricultural shows and book signing events, festivals, signing books and meeting the public! It is nearly the end of July and this year seems to just be flying by, so far the pair have been to Middleham open stables in April, Manchester Book Festival in June, The great Yorkshire show in harrogate and many other events, they have both enjoyed meeting the public so far and look forward to the rest of the year, the reviews on the website and support on social media has been amazing! Remeber to leave your comments and reviews, or drop us a message we will reply as soon as possible but we do ask for your patience we often recieve lots of lovely messages and want to reply to them all with care! When the pair arent at shows, Hannah is at home in her office writing her next book, later this year we will see the release of 'The Travel Girl' which is a teenage book but there is a very small section with a mention of Alfie... (shh its a secret) - Also Hannah is working on the 3rd book to the Little Alf adventure series which will be coming out in 2016. When she isnt isnt writing you will often find hannah down at the Stables with the Horses or playing with her 4 Guinea pigs (candy, Floss, Hamish and Holly)  and 1 rabbit (Malibu) Alfie enjoys long naps in his paddocks and playing with his field companions when he isnt on Tour! He also enjoys munching the grass and having lots of kissing from Hannah.. he even manages to sneak in to the house from time to time.. spoilt or what? Through out the Year we will keep you updated on what the pair are up to! Keep following and leave your message we just love to hear from the public!      

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