Equestrian Plus - Book review!

Equestrian Plus - Book review!


02 December 2015


Equestrian plus Book review

This month we appeared in Decembers issue of Equestrian plus magazine!

Equestrian plus is a monthly magazine which appears in agricultural stores which is free, allowing anyone t o read the magazine! In Decembers issue they had a 2 page spread on Book reviews, it was exciting to see the Christmas book 'Little Alf the magic helper' in the children's section with a great review.. this is what it said -


'18 year old Hannah Russell has launched her Christmas sequel to the Little Alf Adventure series. 'Little Alf the magic helper' is based on Hannah's very own miniature Shetland 'Little Alf' who stands at just 28 inches high. The Christmas book tells the magical tale of Hannah and Alfie getting ready for Christmas at the stables, everyone is in the Christmas spirit until a mysterious noise occurs in the enchanted forest and something has been eating all the carrots from the stables. It's a race against time as Christmas gets nearer and a dangerous creature is on the loose. Can Hannah and Alfie solve the mystery before Christmas Eve?

The festive addition of the little Alf adventure captures the magic moment of Christmas. It is aimed at children aged 6-12 however younger children will enjoy the enchanting storyline. The book creates curiosity and leaves the reader on the edge with what will happen next. They are photos placed throughout. which allow youngsters to use their imagination and make it extra special. As the reader you become captivated in the magical moment. This sequel to Hannah's previous editions of the Little Alf series is perfect to get children in the spirit of Christmas'