Gosforth Community festival!

Gosforth Community festival!


21 October 2015

Little Alf

Gosforth Community festival!


  On Saturday 17th October I attended Gosforth community festival! It was an amazing day, full of Author workshops, book signings, talks and activities for children! The day kicked off with a buzz at 10:00 am running until 3pm that afternoon. The day started with people filtering through the door and by 11:30am the rooms were packed full of all ages, from the very young to the older generation! It was an amazing experience to cover a new area in the UK, and meet new people! By 2pm I had sold out of ‘Little Alf the magic helper’ and had limited stock of book 1 & 2. It was the first year that Newcastle school hosted the Gosforth community festival but they had an outstanding turn out of people, they wanted to promote children’s literature to their pupils and encourage reading for pleasure as well as celebrate the love of literature, they 100% managed to achieve this on the day. The other Authors included, Simon Bartram, Jason Beresford, Dan Freeman, David Cousins, Dan Smith and Tom Palmer who all gave talks throughout the day as well as book signing. There was also ‘Flowing tales’ that attended the event who help turn children in to published authors and ‘seven stories’ the national centre for children’s books! The children enjoyed the arts, crafts and activities throughout the day while the parents and adults enjoyed the coffee shop! There was something there for the whole family, and I look forward to attending the Gosforth Community festival next year! I hope everyone enjoyed there signed books! Make sure to leave a review on one of my websites!       

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