1. Little Alf came to live with Hannah

    December 2012

    Little Alf the mini Shetland came to Live with Hannah in the Yorkshire Dales

  2. Hannah started blogging about her adventures with Little Alf

    January 2013

    Hannah dropped out of A levels due to an injury and started a blog about Little Alf her miniature Shetland pony.

  3. Little Alf reached 10,000 followers!

    December 2013

    Hannah and Little Alf had over 10,000 followers online about Little Alf’s adventures and Hannah decided to write a book about Little Alf.

  4. Hannah's first book was published

    October 2014

     Hannah’s first children’s book was published about Little Alf when she was just 17 years old – ‘The Magical adventure of Little Alf – The discovery of the wild pony’

  5. Hannah added a second title to the Little Alf book series

    April 2015

    Due to the success of the first book, Hannah and Little Alf’s second book was published ‘The Magical adventure of Little Alf – The enchanted forest’

  6. London Agency

    May 2015

    Hannah and Little Alf received lots of international press and Hannah was taken on my by London literacy agency in London.

  7. Young entrepreneur rising star

    June 2015

    Hannah received ‘Young entrepreneur rising star’ award for North Yorkshire

  8. Little Alf the magic helper

    October 2015

    Hannah’s 3rd Book was published ‘Little Alf the magic helper’ which received an award for ‘5 star book for children’ in December 2015

  9. The Magical adventure of Little Alf - The secrets in the woods

    April 2016

    Little Alf’s forth children’s book was published ‘The Magical adventure of Little Alf - The secrets in the woods’

  10. Little Alf’s following grew even more

    July 2016

    Little Alf’s following had grown even more and was starting to get recognised all over the world, Hannah started to build her way up in the career ladder.

  11. London awards

    December 2016

    At the age of 19 years old, Hannah was runner up at the great British entrepreneur awards in London.

  12. Yorkshire Times

    January 2017

    Hannah becomes a features writer for the Yorkshire Times, a newspaper based in North Yorkshire.

  13. Special recognition award

    April 2017

    Hannah received a ‘special recognition’ award from HRH Princess Anne for dedication to the ‘Riding for disabled association.’ Hannah loves helping charity through her work.

  14. Little Alf shop

    August 2017

    Hannah opened up the first Little Alf shop in Leyburn Market town – close to her home.

  15. Little Alf’s memoir

    October 2017

    Little Alf’s memoir was published with ‘Little Brown publishing’ – ‘Little Alf the true story of a pint sized pony who found his forever home and was an instant best seller on amazon.

  16. won New York literacy award

    November 2017

    Hannah’s children’s book ‘Little Alf the magic helper’ won New York’s literacy award.

  17. ‘Russell Rhino

    January 2018

    Hannah launched ‘Russell Rhino’ an international clothing brand dedicated to helping Rhinos.

  18. Helping Rhinos

    February 2018

    Hannah became an ambassador to ‘Helping Rhinos’ the charity.

  19. Every Horse remembered

    March 2018

    Hannah and Little Alf become ‘Every Horse remembered’ ambassadors to Brooke, a charity which helps the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules all over the world.

  20. Hannah linked up with local artist Stacey Moore

    June 2018

    Hannah linked up with local artist Stacey Moore to create a piece of art for the Brooke charity featuring Little Alf to remember to horses, donkeys and mules who lost their lives in the First World War.

  21. Quirky Cows

    July 2018

    Hannah became work with her mum ‘Sharron Russell’ on her brand ‘Quirky Cows’ and became director to the company..

  22. Success in Germany

    October 2018

    Hannah & Little Alf’s memoir was translated and launched in Germany.

  23. Hannah’s 8th book was published

    November 2018

    After a busy year of writing, Hannah’s 8th book was published ‘Little Alf and the Christmas wish’ the book sold out before it hit the shelves.

  24. Money raised for Brooke charity

    November 2018

    The drawing of Little Alf created by Stacey Moore was auctioned by Alistair Steward and raised £1,200 for the Brooke charity.

  25. Meeting the duchess of Cornwall

    December 2018

    Hannah met HRH the duchess of Cornwall and received a thank you award for supporting the Brooke charity from Petra Ingram chief Executive at Brooke.

  26. Brooke charity ambassador

    January 2019

    Hannah becomes official ambassador to the ‘Brooke’ charity with a special ‘youth focus’ to help raise awareness for 2019.

About Hannah

Hannah Russell is one of the UK's leading young entrepreneurs, being awarded for her business skills on more than one occasion.

At 17 years old her first children's book was published about her miniature Shetland pony Little Alf. After the first book was published Hannah realised her love for writing stories and has since gone on to publish many more books which have all been best sellers across the globe.

In 2017 Hannah won New York's literary award for best children's stories. As well as loving writing Hannah is also a strong businesswoman and has four companies - Little Alf, Pink Fitness Boutique, Quirky cows and Russell Rhino. Through her work she is also ambassador to two charities and spends a lot of her time giving motivational talks across the UK.

Little Alf and Hannah

Little Alf and Hannah

Little Alf and Hannah